Gems from the sayings of the Spirit of Wisdom – part 2

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Roj Amardad, Mah Adar 1377 Yz.

Continuing our series of beautiful sayings from the Pahlavi word “Datistan i Menog i Khrad”, here is another priceless gem:

The Wise One asked the Spirit of Wisdom: “is charity better or truthfulness? Or thanksgiving or wisdom? Or perfect mindedness or contentment?”

The Spirit of Wisdom replied: “For the Soul, charity is better; and for the entire world – truthfulness. And unto the Yazads – thanksgiving; and for the body of man – wisdom. And for all actions – perfect mindedness and for the comfort of the body and for smiting the Evil Spirit and his followers – contentment is better.”

An analysis of this question and answer session reveals the extent of relativity in the Zarathushtrian faith. The questions put by the Sage are very deep. How can one choose between charity and truth? Is thanksgiving really better than wisdom? How can one distinguish between perfect mindedness and contentment?

The answers given by the Spirit of Wisdom (who is none other than Ahura Mazda) make us understand that for every given situation or set of circumstances, a particular virtue may be more appropriate than others. Thus Charity is indeed better for the sake of the soul, whereas for the sake of the entire world – truth is better. If all of us were to speak the truth would not the world be a much better place? And if we performed anonymous acts of charity (which is what real charity is all about, not advertising the same in newspapers and on commemorative plaques.) would not our individual souls be much affected?

What better way to help the Yazads than to offer true thanksgiving: Thanksgiving which is unrelated to the fulfilment of any wish or desire. I often see children being sent to the Fire Temple on the day of their examinations, and then they disappear, only to reappear a few days before the results! Is that thanksgiving or selfishness? Similarly, how much evil is caused in the world by the lack of wisdom (sometimes just plain common sense) on the part of man?

How many of us do our allocated duties with perfect mindedness? and how many of us just go through the notions of doing so? And are we all not tormented by the jealousy of possessiveness – do we not crave for that higher salary or the fancier car or that perfect body – and thereby play ourselves into the hands of the Evil Spirit? As the Spirit of Wisdom reveals – the best way to smite Ahriman is by being content with what Ahura Mazda has given to us. In this world of four days, we come empty handed and go back the same way. Then why to strive for the material when the spiritual quest is more important?

Ervad Marzban J. Hathiram



  1. Pervin R Kavarana  April 23, 2008

    This verily aids us in cognizing apropos ascending the spiritual ladder.

    Avarice, Lust, Ego, Anger, material possessions, INTERALIA,
    are major obstacles to spiritual progress.

    Conversations With A Spirit penned by Dorothy Cannon could
    be perused to procure perception regarding the spiritual world.

  2. Nazneen  April 23, 2008

    Such beautiful and pure thoughts are worded by Spirit of Wisdom (our Dadar Ahura Mazda). These thoughts deepen our motto in life of Good Thought Good Words & Good Deeds.

    But it also saddens us by thinking such amazing grace and knowledge from our Lord is avaliable to us yet many of our parsi men and women are so caught up in there mundane chores that not much time is left for spiritual gratification.

    If only, all parents take upon them selves to lead their kids on path of religious awarness and on preaching of our Dadar Ahura Mazda, our coming generations will be more grounded by virtues, more responsive to the community needs and more better individuals to their family, to the society & to the world at large.

    May the grace of Dadar Ahura Mazda Bless us all always and guide us to live up to his preachings.

    Kshnothra Ahurahe Mazdao

  3. Shirin Rana  April 27, 2008

    This Q&A format is indeed most thought provoking………….but i have a question…..You say……..
    “In this world of four days, we come empty handed and go back the same way. ”

    To my mind, we come because we have a karma to be worked out, so its not truly empty handed…..[like some are blessed with material wealth but not mental peace, some have an abundance of knowledge but not children, some have power but not humility, so these are the attributes we come with based on our own former deeds/acts???
    and after working out our karma we again go back with more Karma , and depending upon the manner in which we have lived our lives, we go back with either more negative karma or more Positive karma, and in this slow fashion we move towards farshokereiti…so then nor do we go back empty handed….
    So lets pray for The Spirit of Wisdom to guide us towards living correctly with the good mind, the Vohu Mano always at the focus of all our deeds.
    Thank you Ervad Saheb for this wonderful Q&A session which is indeed food for our mind, body and soul.
    Look forward to more of these lovely little episodes