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Most of Jehangirji’s writings were part of the Parsi Avaz newspaper which he started in 1947. Some of these writings were later printed as books. But a vast amount of his writings awaits digitization, since it is very difficult to scan and PDF an A3/Tabloid size paper of poor newsprint quality into readable text. Here we present a few of the articles which have been published as boooks and have been digitized.

The history of the Khshnoom movement

History of the Khshnoom Movement

This crucial book is composed out of a series of articles written by Jehangirji Chiniwalla in the Parsi Avaz magazine from 1950 to 1952. In the articles, Jehangirji began serializing, for the first time, all the incidents in the life of Ustad Saheb Behramshah N. Shroff as was known to him or recollected from others and of course based on many discussions he had himself with Ustad Saheb as a young boy. Beginning with his birth and childhood, Jehangirji traces the fascinating journey of Ustad Saheb to Peshawar, his meeting with the Abed Sahebs and his journey thence to Demavand. Jehangirji then gives the detailed descriptions of the various parts of Demavand and Ustad Saheb’s life there. Then the move back to India and the years of silence there. Jehangirji then traces the beginning of Ustad Saheb’s mission, his successes and failures and the establishment of the Ilm-e-Khshnoom movement in India. The later parts of the book recount some of the undesirable and unfortunate events which took place in the last years of the Master’s life and many details of the happenings after his death. This book is an invaluable resource for any student. My own book on the life of the Master is based on this series. Great and easy reading.


Various topics related to Zarthoshti Din

Various essays on the ZOroastrian religion

This book is a collection of 32 different essays on various topics relating to our religion, including Sudreh-Kusti, Firdausi, Dokhmenashini, the Priesthood, secret Iran, Pav Mahel, Jiram and many others. Written in an extremely simple language, the essays and short and give in a kernel the extensive knowledge about each topic. Very essential reading.


Rustam Namu

Rostam Nameh

This is a beautiful series of articles on the life and exploits of Rustam. Jehangirji is in his element in this series. He gives the Persian couplets from Firdausi’s Shah Nameh, then gives the Gujarati translation, then proceeds to explain the inner esoteric meaning behind the apparent translation. The exploits of Rustam are so critical to the history of the world that he has been taken as the greatest forerunner of Prophet Zarathushtra. This is a series really worth translating into English. Many passages in this book will move you to tears, while many will make you yearn for the lost days of our golden civilization.



This is a short speech in English, given by Jehangirji where he explains the rationale behind the spiritual Alats of Sudreh and Kusti as deeply expounded by Khshnoom. He takes his audience through a general tour of the Avesta and then delves into the meaning of the terms Sudreh and Kusti, explaining the rationale behind their use and the reasons for the various methods in which the Sudreh and Kusti should be made. Very simple reading.

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