Gems from the sayings of the Spirit of Wisdom – part 1

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Roj Khorshed, Mah Meher, 1377 Yz.

I had written about the Pahlavi work Datistan-i-Menog-i-Khrad or “Opinions of the Spirit of Wisdom” in my last post. This is a catechism (question and answer session) written by an unknown author, who identifies himself only as ‘danag’, meaning ‘wise one or sage’, possibly a scholar-Dastur somewhere around the 5 th century AD. Unfortunately, we do not have the complete book with us. The existing manuscripts end abruptly after the 62nd question. The format of this book generally follows the pattern:

pursid danag o menog i khrad…

menog i khrad passakhva kart….

The wise one asked the Spirit of Wisdom….(questions)

The Spirit of Wisdom replied… (answers)

Who is the Spirit of Wisdom? Readers may be pleasantly surprised to know that the Spirit of Wisdom is another name for the innate wisdom of Ahura Mazda Himself. This creation of Ahura Mazda is known in the Avesta as “Asna Khratu”, and in Pahlavi as “Asn Khrad”, and is the Divine Entity which not only devised and developed the entire Creation, but is also the agency responsible for running and managing the Creation (Menog-i-Khrad, Ch. 1; 49-51). The Spirit of Wisdom can appear in front of true seekers of knowledge like the author of the book and volunteer to become their guide (ibid, Ch. 1; 57,60,61).

Some of the question-answers in this book are so full of practical knowledge and wisdom that I have decided to cull out a few and post them on a regular basis on this site. Today we shall examine the very last question (in the existing manuscripts) asked by the sage.

The wise one asked the Spirit of Wisdom: ‘Which is that good work which is greater and better than all good works, and no trouble whatever is necessary for its performance?’

The Spirit of Wisdom answered thus: ‘To be grateful in the world, and to wish happiness for every one. This is greater and better than every good work, and no commotion whatever is necessary for its performance.’

What more can one add to that?

Ervad Marzban J. Hathiram



  1. Nazneen  February 27, 2008

    Dear Ervad Saheb,

    After i read the question i didnt jump for the answer but pondered over what it could be. Honestly, my thoughts were no where close to it. These are truely words of wisdom. I shall eagerly look forward to the other question and answers to be posted by your good self.

    lastly, let me practice the precious knowledge shared by you with us in my own small way.

    “I am truely greatful that in this day and age we have knowledgable and thoughtful people like you who carry on the ray of hope for our religion. God Bless you and your family and all Frashogard readers always.”

  2. Dr.Isu Jung Karki  September 13, 2008

    So wonderful, I am blessed by reading …..Thank you .

  3. Dilnavaz  October 18, 2011

    Respected Ervad Saheb,

    Wonderful !

    I am blessed to know about Frashogard.

    Thank you.