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Roj Dae-pa-Din Mah Meher, 1381 Yz.

The Fasli Muktad will commence from Friday 9th March, 2012. The main centre of prayers will be the Ustad Saheb Behramshah N. Shroff Daremeher at Jogeshwari, where the preparations for the 95th annual Muktad program have been completed. The special area where the Fasli Muktad are enthroned has been cleaned and washed, fresh wheat grass has been planted and the 27 glasses representing the Hama Anjuman have been made ready.

The Fasli Muktad program will begin with a special Invocation on the dawn of Friday, 10th March. Thereafter the main prayers will commence. A special 11 Karda Afringan is performed in the Havan Gah, along with the relevant Bajs. A separate 7 Karda Afringan in memory of our revered Ustad Saheb is also performed. Stum and Farokshi prayers are performed in every Gah, for eac of the 19 days of the Muktad. Special Gahambar and Gatha Jashans will be held on the relevant days, as also a special Jamshedi Navroze Jashan, as well as Khordad Sal Jashan on 26th March.

As in previous years, Humbandagi will be held at the Daremeher every evening at 7:30 pm. Before the Humbandagi, I will give a 30 minute talk everyday on different topics. The lecture program for the 19 days is given below.

Date Topic

Fri, 9th March Welcome to the Muktad: What to pray during these Holy days?

Sat, 10th March The basics of prayer: Doing the proper Kusti ritual

Sun, 11th March Daily prayer routine for a normal Parsi

Mon, 12th March The power of 101 Names of God: part 1 – for physical ailments

Tue, 13th March The power of 101 Names of God: part 2 – for hidden ailments

Wed,14th March The power of 101 Names of God: part 3 – for spiritual progress

Thurs, 15th March The Miracle of Dastur Pesuji

Fri, 16th March The Miraculous Lives of Dastur Mulla Feroze & Mulla Kaus

Sat, 17th March The Mahatma’s Miracle: A true story, part 1

Sun, 18th March The Mahatma’s Miracle: A true story, part 2

Mon, 19th March How to do the Jamshedi Navroze special prayer

Tue, 20th March How to do the special prayers for Haft Ameshaspand days

Wed, 21st March NO TALK, only Humbandagi

Thur, 22nd March How does following other religions’ practices hurt us

Fri, 23rd March How to do a correct Divo and maintain the same

Sat, 24th March How to put Loban

Sun, 25th March Putting Loban after a Jashan

Mon, 26th March How to invite prosperity into your home & life

Tue, 27th March Some simple sins and how to avoid them

Readers of Frashogard are requested to publicise the above talks and invite other Parsis to join them in attending the talks and Humbandagi.

Ervad Marzban J. Hathiram




  1. M Dastur  March 8, 2012

    May I suggest you record the talks and post them on Frashogard?

  2. Nazneen  March 9, 2012

    We shall be very grateful if you can post all the above talks on frashogard too. Thank You!

  3. Ruby  April 18, 2012

    What are the special prayers for Haft Ameshaspand days?
    Are the first seven days of our Zoroastrian calendar “Haft Ameshaspand days” where we pray Haftan Yasht? Please enlighten.


  4. sammy  August 30, 2015

    Dear Marazban, In fasli muktad why 27 Glasses are used?
    Also why wheat grass. I have never seen or known much abt fasli muktad.
    why 27 in number in anjuman ? is 27 mandatory or any number higher or lower can do?
    Also is glass compulsory cant copper or german silver do?
    What is the significance of wheat grass also . Thank you.

  5. Roshni Roeinton Shroff - Karachi, Pakistan  August 19, 2016

    Shall be very grateful if you can post all the above talks on frashogard too. OR simply e-mail to me. It is all very interesting and I want to know. The lectures givein on the above 19 programs all of them seem very interesting topics and I want to know.

    Hope to hear from you. Thanks!