The Wondrous Circle of Life – part 5

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Roj Meher Mah Bahman, 1380 Yz.

Where does the Ruvan fly to on the dawn of the fourth day? What and where is Chinvat? To be able to answer these questions satisfactorily, we need to have a look at the cosmography of the universe. The Zoroastrian mystic revelation of Khshnoom teaches us that there are two main Cosmoses. One is immortal, divine and perfect. In this cosmos, time and space are united. This cosmos is called Hasti. We shall leave Hasti where it is.

Our main interest lies in the second cosmos, which is mortal, moving towards divinity (some parts of it are divine) and imperfect. This cosmos is called Nisti, where time and space are separated. The entire Nisti cosmos can be furthered sub divided into various regions. It is difficult to give a two dimensional view of the Nisti cosmos when it is actually made up of several dimensions. However, to give a rough idea, the drawing below gives an imperfect view. Serious students are requested to download this image and print it out and then read the description given below for a clearer understanding of the topic.

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Nisti Cosmos low res

The main feature and defining structure of the Nisti cosmos are the 7 Dakhyus or planes. The names of the Dakhyus are found in the Meher Nyaesh. From top down, the seven Dakhyus are named:

1. Aiwi
2. Antare
3. Aa
4. Upairi
5. Adairi
6. Pairi
7. Aipi

The 7 planes of Nisti are like concentric globes one within the other. However, each plane is also connected to the others through many dimensions which cannot be shown on the map. Moreover, within each plane, there are seven inter-plane regions, which are called Zamrirs. On each Zamrir there exist millions of planets and stations like our earth, each having its own unique role to play. Taking the 7 planes as the x-axis, the Zamrir and the planets therein are located on the y-axis, thereby making up an entire globe.

The entire Nisti cosmos is surrounded by a vast expanse which is known as Miswan-e-Gatu. The Miswan separates Nisti from the perfect Cosmos Hasti. There are many other interesting areas within the Miswan which we shall leave alone for now. The Nisti cosmos can be further segregated into the following six groups:

1. Nisti-e-Avval
2. Nisti-e-Myana
3. Arvahi-e-Ala
4. Arvahi-e-Adna
5. Geti
6. Patal

Nisti-e-Avval is the starting point of Nisti. It is composed entirely of Stoat – i.e., beneficent vibrations. There is no matter or physicality here. Nisti-e-Avval contains:

i. the first three Dakhyus: Aiwi, Antare and Aa;
ii. the 7 inter-plane Zamrir regions between Aiwi and Antare Dakhyu;
iii. the 7 Zamrir between Antare and Aa Dakhyu; and
iv. the inter-plane below Aa Dakhyu.

Within the Nisti-e-Avval, are drawn 6 star shaped forms, which are the 6 Keshwars or special cosmic regions. Another important cosmic station is found in the Zamrir below Aa Dakhyu, which is called Dadar-e-Gehan. There are several other locations of deep import in this region but we will leave them for now, since our attention is to be focussed on Chinvat.

The most important region for our current study is located in the second part of Nisti, called Nisti-e-Myana. This region is composed of the Upairi Dakhyu, and the 7 inter-plane Zamrir regions below Upairi Dakhyu. This entire region – the 7 Zamrir between Upairi and Adairi Dakhyus is generically called the region of Chinvat. The Chinvat region can be further divided into three main sections.

1. The lowest part of Chinvat, which begins from the inter-plane just above Adairi Dakhyu (the seventh Zamrir), and extends to the sixth and fifth Zamrirs is called Gangdez.

2. The middle part of Chinvat, which begins from the fifth Zamrir and extends to the fourth and third Zamrir, is shown rising higher than the Gangdez region, and is called Kangdez.

3. The highest point of the Chinvat region, called Varzamkard, begins from the third Zamrir and extends to the second and first Zamrir. At the first Zamrir, the region of Varzamkard forks out into two paths. One path goes higher towards the region drawn in the map called Pahlum Ahwan, while the other path is a slippery slope which will lead down, back to the lower Dakhyus.

Immediately below the Chinvat regions lies Adairi Dakhyu and below it the 7 inter-plane Zamrir. This is the region of Arvahi-e-Ala where reside the Ulvi Arvahi – great spirits of the white side. Their entire civilization, and spiritual progress is different from man. We have no connection with them and this region is best left alone for the present. Within the Adairi Dakhyu there exist many millions of stations where the spiritual progress of the souls of humans belonging to other religions takes place.

Immediately below the Adairi Dakhyu lies the region of Nisti called Arvahi-e-Adna. This is contained within the Pairi Dakhyu and its 7 inter-plane Zamrirs. This most frightening region is populated by the Sefli Arvahi – very powerful sprites who work for the dark side of nature. This region also holds many millions of stations for the spiritual progress of souls of humans belonging to other religions. This area is also the place where lost souls, and souls who are trapped by the very powerful Sefli Arvahi are forced to work in most ghoulish conditions.

Readers are aware that there exist many malevolent sciences and secret orders in our society today. These secret societies use what is traditionally known as black magic and voodoo, or Tantra to make contact with the Sefli Arvahi in the hope of harnessing the immense power that these evil spirits have for material gains. The Sefli Arvahi are always on the lookout for such persons. Through their power, the Sefli help such humans do amazing things to impress other citizens and go against the laws of nature.

In their lifetime, these humans have it good. But their payback comes once they die. As their souls leave the earth to go on their onward journey, the Sefli Arvahi wait for them in this region. Here the favours given by the Sefli are to be repaid million fold by the hapless soul, who has nothing to offer – but its own services. Much like the poor farmers who are trapped by moneylenders in a never-ending dept repayment, the souls of those humans who used the Sefli in their life time are now enslaved by the evil sprites to do their nefarious jobs – for many hundreds of years. Such is the pitiable condition of those who delve into the black arts. This region is most difficult to cross and a veritable minefield for all souls.

The Zoroastrian soul, which has to fly on the day of the Chaharum, from the earth to the lowest region of Chinvat has to compulsorily pass this vast region. If any of the four boosters mentioned earlier are not properly done, or if the Zoroastrian has, during his life time, meddled with the dark forces, the Zoroastrian soul is also in danger of falling into the hands of the Sefli Arvahi or one of the orphaned souls who roam this region – waiting for their deliverance.

Finally below the Pairi Dakhyu lies the last Dakhyu – Aipi and its inter-plane Zamrir regions. It is between the Pairi and Aipi Dakhyu Zamrir that our earth – called Geti – is located, which is shown in the diagram. Below this region lie vast oceans of molten earth, supercharged air, and superheated water. In the very centre of this lies Patal – the grossest part of the cosmos.

I request reads to go through these confusing levels a number of times to properly comprehend the cosmography of Nisti and this will help to make our wondrous circle of life journey easier to understand.

Ervad Marzban J. Hathiram



  1. Merzush Mistry  July 1, 2011

    I must admit, first look at the Nisti cosmos map and I was really lost in it. Taking its print out and then refering it with your writeup really helped. Our Earth and the solar system is like a drop in this HUGE ocean. One query, on which out of the 7 Zamirs of Aipi Dakhiu is our Earth?

  2. Ervad Marzban J. Hathiram  July 1, 2011

    Between the third and fourth.

  3. BARIA V B  July 2, 2011



  4. sam billimoria  July 2, 2011

    thanks Marzban for trying to simplify this complex issue. A larger diagram(3X) would have helped to get the full purchase of this fascinating write up, which does require multiple reads.

  5. Ervad Marzban J. Hathiram  July 2, 2011

    Hi Sam,

    The larger diagram is already available for download within the article itself. If you download and print it out it will be more than clear.

  6. Percy Madon  September 26, 2011

    So are these the 7 Universes and their mysterious planes, which many many religions talk about?

  7. Cawas  October 13, 2011

    Dear Sir,

    I am not as knowledgable as you are, but I was convinced to learn automatic writing, dat means communicating with our departed relatives. While going through your post it stated that evil spirits disguise as our beloved departed and help us and then after our death dey capture our souls.
    What I would really want to know is why would an evil spirit help us in our life time? Secondly Sir I am not contesting what you are saying, I just want to gain more knowledge? It is said and believed, though I am planning to learn havent done it yet that the spirits you come in contact with can actually help you to follow the right course in life, not to falter but truly lead a good spiritual life.
    Now why would an evil spirit from the region you mentioned want me to lead a good unfaltering spiritual life and follow Gods ways. What benefit would it derive from it? Because if I am following a good unfaltering life, being spiritual following the right path as per its guidance, automatically good and God would win over evil. Why would an evil spirit want me to lead the right path lead a good clean and pure life and allow God to win and Evil in itself loose?

  8. Cawas  October 14, 2011

    I am sorry I am asking another question, but your knowledge might help me resolve the infighting that happens in propably some of us. We say God is our creator..fine understood, then why in the world is there so much chaos, hatred and confusion. Isnt it the job of the creator to protect the one who he has created. One does wrong that person as per any holy book is generallycondemned to hell. Here on earth the conditions are as good as hell, then your article states that there are evil forces residing on top as well. So wherever a poor human being looks there is just evil…No God. Why in the hell would God create and disappear and let evil do the rounds. Secondly it is said that God gave us a choice to do evil or is up to us. If good is done his arms are open to you, if wrong you are in hell. Sir you must be a parent and so many others …firstly wouldnt you help your child to mend his ways…and even if he or she is wrong…you are the creator of your child being a parent..a parent too is considered as God…would you condemn yourn child if you had the means to hell. Why is God the creator doing this? If a human being(parent) can show mercy on his or her children…God being the creator of us all…why cant he show some consideration. How in the name of God, he being the creator allow evil to grow…where is he…its his world he is the creator…I may have wronged.. I am at fault but he too is at fault for creating such a world or for not stopping wide spread evil. Forget earth you said evil resides o0n top as well. Wherever I see or hear in the books there is more evil. Why is evil occupying more space than God here as well as on top. Today if someone is killing someone we might not be able to help that person, but that sticks to our conscience and hurts us. God being all so powerful…what does he do? And if its hurting him..why doesnt he do something about it. Secondly if my prayers after death are not performed correctly I may still not see God or they may be hindrances in my way..that means no matter how good a soul I may be..I will suffer for someone elses carelessness and God will be a mere spectator! If I try to contact good spirits for my spiritual growth I land up with evil spirits as per your script,,what does that prove god has no control over anything. And the best way for him to get out of this is by saying as per many religious texts…(I GAVE YOU A CHOICE, YOU MADE THE WRONG DECISIONS NOT MY PROBLEM). This is what we say we have the power to choose as God gives us a choice. The five senses are given to us by God, then he expects us to control them. If I was able to control my senses..why would I need God..I am sorry I am not trying to spread hate for God..but rhis is what goes on in most of our minds some admit it some dont.