The real meaning of Patet-part 3

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Roj Khorshed Mah Spendarmad 1384 Yz/ Kadmi Khordad Sal/Baj of Dr. Saheb Framroze S. Chiniwalla

To answer this let us try to understand what exactly our body is made up of. A very long time ago, just at the beginning of time itself, there existed two Divine Bodies. They knew they had been brought into existence by a Creator but they could not perceive Him or understand Him and His purpose of creation. One of those Divine Bodies accepted the situation and waited for clarity to emerge. The other did not, and tried to find an answer. When the Creator showered on them an infinitesimal billionth billion part of His Light, the Bodies were blinded by the Radiance. The first, the patient one, exclaimed: ‘O Great One, I do not understand, but I feel Thy Presence and bow down to You!’ The second one exclaimed: ‘O Great One, how brightly do You shine! But I shineth too!’

As soon as that thought emerged in the second one, it realized that a great error had been committed. It felt a part of him turn black, noxious, somehow not how it was intended to be. The second one was consumed in pain and distress as it realized the magnitude of its error. It panicked as it tried to understand the ramifications of what had just happened. It realized that it would have to progress much further to undo the damage it had done. Hence it was called Urvan – the Progressing One. The other waited patiently for the Divine Light of the Creator to seep through him and realized the Truth, as it accepted that all could not be understood about Him, but it was all right. Hence it was termed Baodangh – Perfect Wisdom.

Here, at the very beginning of time, these two Bodies were thus separated. The Urvan, much ashamed of what it had done (as more and more of the brilliance of the Creator’s light seeped into it, the more it realized the magnitude of its error), was eager to rectify the problem it had brought about. It saw part of it had turned black, festering, ugly. It wanted to revert that part to its pristine condition. This diseased part, consumed with Primeval Ego, was termed Dravao. The Urvan beseeched the Creator to let it cleanse the part and restore it to the original shine and radiance.

The Creator answered the Urvan’s distress call. He explained to the Urvan that the restoration of the diseased part would be a very long and difficult affair. For this purpose, the Dravao would have to move away from its current position, move far away from the Creator (even though the Creator is everywhere), to a new environment to be created, which would be more conducive to reforming the Dravao. The Creator further explained that to remedy the Dravao, it would need to be broken down into many parts, and then each part would gradually change from its diseased condition to the pure Radiance possessed by the Urvan. Would the Urvan be ready for this? Yes, said the Urvan.

But there was one condition. The Creator asked for a sacrifice. No, not that type of sacrifice where animals are slaughtered and anthropologists make a living, but a true sacrifice, whose real extent and horror is difficult for us to even begin to comprehend. The Urvan, consumed by the Great Guilt for what it had done, agreed without hesitation. In doing so, the Urvan displayed true selflessness, true remorse. What was the sacrifice? Until all the Dravao was cleansed of its Ego and Evil, until the Dravao had been converted to Pure Radiance like that possessed by the Urvan, until it had earned the right to come back to the Creator, until it roamed the new creations that the Creator would design, until that day, the Urvan would have to accompany the Dravao on its journey. But that was not all.

The Urvan would not be able to go on this long, perilous, lonely journey as it was. It would have to clip its wings, reduce its brilliance, be placed in a cage, so to speak, and stay that way, till the Dravao was cleansed. Why did the Creator make this condition? We shall see later.

And so, Creation, as we know began. The Creator made the Cosmos, and at different parts established schools, cleansing houses and laboratories, where the Dravao could be taught, cleansed, and finally converted. The Dravao was broken down into uncountable parts and each part began its personal journey towards salvation. With each such part, an infinitesimal part of the Urvan too was bundled together, to accompany its delinquent brother, as per the promise given by the Urvan to the Creator.

After billions (in reality, there is no way to count) of years and many many iterations, at the farthest end of the Creation, the Lord made a tiny tiny place, where the most rogue parts of the Dravao, those having the darkest spots, those not reformed despite the many long years were sent to. It was a special place, like nothing anywhere else in the cosmos, a place to be inhabited by a creation that would be unique too. Over many millions of years, this place evolved and metamorphosed into the earth we see today. And the special, unique creation which would inhabit this earth and cleanse the last, most difficult part of the Dravao, was Man.

This last part of the Dravao, the most dense and difficult to cleanse, was broken up even further, almost to a powder. The Dravao was then mixed with some other parts of Creation, the good parts, called Gao, to form a substance called Vohoon. The Vohoon was further mixed and densified to form Anasers, which were finally brought down to the earth and given a physical form. From these Anasers, many titrations were extracted and mixed further to give rise to what we today know as DNA – the building blocks of our bodies. Then through the wondrous process of Creation, each unit of the Dravao was passed down through a male and female of that special species called man, to give birth to a child, who would be born with that almost invisible, but very powerful part of the Dravao, intertwined in every atom and genetic thread of the individual. Some part of the Dravao is in the blood, some in the flesh, some in the brain, some in the spinal liquid, some in the organs, basically, every part of the body has some trace of the Dravao.

And so we come to us.

But what about the Urvan, which is supposed to accompany the Dravao? Yes it is there, inside us. And yes, it is still called the Urvan, or more commonly as the Ruvan – the Soul. But as per the Promise given to the Creator, the Urvan is placed in a slumber, in a semi-unconscious state.

And so after this rather long deviation, we can now somewhat answer the question: how do we respond to the Tabai which befalls us, what should be our proper Fel? The first thing to realize is that since every atom of our body is infused with the Dravao, we can never, never ever trust it to do the right thing! Even though each atom is also infused with the Gao, the good part of creation, the Dravao will try to subvert the Gao at every opportunity. Hence the first rule: Be alert!

So then is there no hope for us? Are we destined to fall with every step we take? No. There is some help for us…

[to be continued…]

Ervad Marzban J. Hathiram



  1. Silloo Pocha  July 24, 2015

    Hi Er. Marzban,

    You have explained this complex topic of man’s creation so precisely. Your writing flows very smoothly from word to word, sentence to sentence that it’s really easy to understand, absorb and remember too. Thanks for making it so interesting and simple for us.

    With best regards,

  2. Aspy Minoo Khan  July 24, 2015

    Er. Marzban, your activity on this blog is a welcome breath of fresh air. Thanks you for this explanation in the manner in which Sillo Pocha has described above.

  3. mir mahnaa  August 1, 2015

    That was very interesting, please write the next part soon which i eagerly looking forward to reading!

  4. Roshni  October 15, 2016

    A very big thank-you for this information