The miraculous life of our Master – part 7

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Roj Hormuzd Mah Ardibehesht, 1379 Yz.


In addition to being the spiritual sanctuary of the Zarathushtrian faith, the secluded dimension of Demavand also serves another very important function – that of being the repository of knowledge, arts, crafts, culture, literature of the Iranian civilization from earliest times till today. Thus every topic which will arise and vanish within the 81,000 year cycle of Zravane Daregho Khadata, all the art and culture, crafts and knowledge of this entire time period is stored in a specially earmarked area of Demavand called the Talesam of Tangistan.


The Tangistan area is situated in a very large part of the Demavand Kash and is called Talesam to indicate its locked and secret nature. It is not accessible to any but the most chosen few senior members of the settlement. The senior Abed Sahebs of Demavand including the deputy Sraoshavarez Rashidji, and Shaharyar Saheb under the direction of the Sraoshavarez took Behramshah for a visit to this amazing place. The route to the Tangistan area is long and arduous but provides fantastic scenery and a beautiful environment. Despite this natural beauty and clean air, the long walk began to tell on Behramshah’s stamina. As his thoughts began to wander, Rashidji Saheb immediately sensed Behramshah’s discomfort, and in turn, focussed his thoughts on how nice it would be should Abed Shaharyar, who was known in Demavand as ‘neem-Rustam’, i.e. Rustam Junior because of his incredible build, height and strength would lift both of them. The wise Abed promptly caught his senior’s thoughts and laughing, picked up Behramshah under one arm and Rashidji under the other, and proceeded to carry both of them the rest of the way, talking and laughing all the way!


As they reached the entrance of the Talesam, the Abeds busied themselves in the complicated task of opening the Talesam. One of the Abeds walked to the top of a hill on which was a stone shaped as a cover. A specific word was written on the stone by the Abed Saheb and it moved to indicate a door to the secret area. As they entered through the door, their attention was drawn to a small lamp burning in one corner. Behramshah was told that this lamp was burning since the time of Jamshid and would continue to burn till the end of this Zravane Daregho Khadata cycle. The Abed Saheb handled the lamp in a particular way, causing another door to emerge in front of them, passing through which landed them in the museum of Tangistan. In the 14,000 years that have passed of the current Zravane Daregho Khadata, the glory of the Iranian civilization is displayed in this amazing storehouse of artefacts and treasures. From the special buildings housing the original 21 Nasks of the Zarathushtrian faith, known as the Mantra Spenta, to the thousands of exegetical manuscripts known as the Nikeez – the inner exposition of these sacred Manthras, written by advanced theologians and wise Dasturs; from the sword of Rustam, which extended to 30 feet, yet was capable of being housed in a very small scabbard, his mace and other weapons; to the incredible collection of precious gems and jewellery, perpetual clocks which keep the time of the Zravane Daregho Khadata cycle; literary masterpieces such as the original manuscript of Firdausi’s Shah Nameh, and hundreds of other items whose description is now but a faint memory of our beloved Master – all these and more were shown to him.


In addition to the Tangistan Talesam, Behramshah made special mention of another, even more secret and fascinating area, called the Kuh-e-Kaf Talesam. This area has its own resident Abed Sahebs, whose main work is related to the making of a special Aksir – or special liquid – which would alchemise base metals to gold. The entrance to this Talesam is so strongly guarded that only the Sraoshavarez can open it and access its treasures. Our beloved Master explained that at the time of the advent of the Promised One – Shah Behram Varzavand into the visible world, a large part of his mission to resurrect the Zarathushtrian faith and re-establish Iran as the centre of the global civilization will call for the use of real gold. The small community of Abeds who reside within this secret Talesam, are the custodians of its gold and gold making Aksir. Their progress is different from any other Zarathushtrian soul because their only spiritual discipline is to speak the Truth. They do not have any prayers, ceremonies, Fire Temples or other Alats.


The working and history of the Talesam is forever linked with the fifth head of Demavand, called Sraoshavarez Saarvaar Saheb. Behramshah revealed that many centuries ago, at the time of the leadership of Sraoshavarez Khodadad – the fourth Sraoshavarez of Demavand, there started an intense debate among the Abed Sahebs. This debate was led by the then deputy Sraoshavarez Saarvaar Saheb, who was an immense man of formidable physical as well as spiritual prowess – which can be easily believed by the fact that his forehead itself was nine inches high! He was the rarest of rare individuals – he was born outside the Kash of Demavand, in visible Iran where his parents used to reside. However, his birth and ultimate glorious destiny was immediately known by his predecessor and teacher, the fourth Sraoshavarez Khodadad Saheb. At a tender age, he was brought to the Demavand area and his training imparted to him. When Saarvaar Saheb reached the post of Deputy Sraoshavarez, he initiated an intense debate, which was to last for many years with amazing arguments both for and against. It was Saarvaar Saheb’s contention that the amount of gold and gold-making Aksir stored in the Kuh-e-Kaf Talesam was not enough to meet the needs of Shah Behram Varzavand when he would appear in the 21st century and hence the stock should be augmented so as to not pose any difficulty to the Saviour. Sraoshavarez Khodadad maintained that the stock of gold and Aksir was sufficient for this purpose and hence need not be augmented. As per the rules of Iranian protocol, Saarvaar Saheb deferred to the wishes of his senior. However, after Saarvaar Saheb became the Sraoshavarez he fulfilled his wish. Using his formidable spiritual power, Saarvaar Saheb succeeded in not only opening the extremely complicated Talesam, he also displayed amazing prowess and increased the amount of gold and Aksir in the Talesam to twice the amount that would be needed.



As time passed, Behramshah’s life was totally integrated with the citizens of Demavand. As the chosen disciple of the Sraoshavarez, he was accorded great respect and admiration, and his innocent ways and temperament made him highly popular with all. A farmer within the community called Shaharyar began to like Behramshah so much that he offered his daughter’s hand in marriage and approached the Sraoshavarez for his permission. However, the Sraoshavarez, mindful of Behramshah’s life and mission in the outside world refused permission. In order to prepare Behramshah for his life outside Demavand, the Abed Saheb’s took many steps to improve his general health by making him pass through various Nahns and giving specific health related prayers or Nirangs. In addition, Behramshah was made to partake of a most prized and rarest-of-rare delicacy from the Sraoshavarez’s personal treasury – a Murraba – or a specially made conserve of pure gold. It is well known that traditional medicinal systems such as Ayurveda, Unani and Homoeopathy use extracts from precious metals such as gold, silver or copper. However, these extracts are made from the ash of the precious metal or oils infused with the precious metals are used. In some traditional preparations like ‘Chyavanprash’, very finely beaten sheets of gold or silver are further shredded into hair like consistency and added to the health tonic. However, the method of cooking gold into a preserve is not known in the outer world, but this knowledge is available with the Abed Sahebs who make these precious delicacies which are much valued for their amazing health improving qualities.



As a result of these special gifts, the overall health and stamina of the Master increased manifold and the slow but steady integration of mind and body for the mission in the outside world began to take shape.


Ervad Marzban J. Hathiram



  1. Hanoz M Mistry  September 19, 2009

    Simply awesome!

    Unfortunately, the Parsees of today continue to live in such spiritual ignorance, completely unaware of all these miracles and keep looking for miracles elsewhere!!

    May the Holy Rainidar Saheb guide us out of this mess SOON.