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Roj Mahrespand Mah Ardibehesht, 1385 Yz.

The following audio recordings have been added to Khshnoom SkyDrive.

Will the new prayer hall at Worli be beneficial to Zoroastrian Ruvans? by Er. Marzban J. Hathiram

This talk was given on the first death anniversary (Baj) of Adi Doctor. It traces the origin of the pro-Cremation movement in the community, the latest developments and an in-depth look at how the supposed new prayer hall does not even fulfill the most basic needs of Zoroastrian Souls after death. The talk contains detailed information about the state of the Ruvan after death, the various dangers faced by it from internal and external sources, the importance of the Sachkar, Sagdid and Geh Sarna ceremonies and the absolute necessity of Dokhmenashini. The audio duration is 1:27 hours and the file size is 5 MB. There is considerable distortion in the audio due to Ganpati celebrations on the road outside the venue. Headphones are recommended. Please download by clicking the link below.

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The Great Myth of Freedom of Choice in Gatha Ha 30-2 by Er. Marzban J. Hathiram

This talk was given on the 42nd Baj of Jehangirji Chiniwalla on 13th October 2015. It gives a detailed understanding of how the philological translation of this verse has been twisted over the years to imply totally un-Zoroastrian thoughts. The speaker then analyzes whether a Prophet can give such a Freedom of Choice to His followers, the histotical background at the time of the advent of Prophet Zarathushtra, whether any concurrent verses are found in the Gathas or ‘later’ Avesta, the presence of opposite views in Gatha 45-3 and 45-5, and then the Khshnoomic understanding of the technical words found in 30-2 like ‘Geushaish’, Soocha Managha, Para Mazeyaongho, Baodanto etc. to arrive at the true meaning behind the verse. Audio length is 1:20 hours and file size is 4.8 MB. Please download by clicking the link below.

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Dadar Class: ‘Understanding Death and related rituals’ part 5 Sep 2015

The audio recording of this continuing series on Death and related rituals. Apart from a thorough revision of the earlier lectures, this month the ‘Bhoi nu Bhantar’ or small Yashtegaan is analyzed. An important understanding of how to take the name of the deceased in any prayer is explained. Please download by clicking the link below. The audio length is 1:32 minutes and file size is 5.5 MB. Please download by clicking the link below.

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Er. Marzban J. Hathiram