Remembering Shah Behram Varzavand

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Roj Ram Mah Khordad, 1381 Yz.

Today, Fasli Mah Ava Roj Govad, is a day of great spiritual connotation for Parsis, because it is the birthday of the promised saviour, Shah Behram Varzavand. How do we know this? This fact is mentioned in the Zand-i-Vohuman Yasht, more popularly known as Bahman Yasht. As you may be aware, our existing Avesta scriptures have Yashts for many of the Yazatas and Amesha Spentas. However, due to the destruction of the scriptures over the centuries, we have lost some of the Yashts, for example, Bahman Yasht, Sherevar, Spendarmad, Amardad Yashts are all missing. However, some scattered fragments of these Avesta prayers as well as their Pazend parts are available. We are lucky to have the Pazend part of the Bahman Yasht, which is recited by many Parsis with great devotion, especially during the Bahman month.

The contents of the Bahman Yasht are in the form of a conversation between Ahura Mazda and Prophet Zarathushtra, as they discuss the future of the earth and the Zarathushtrian religion. In this Yasht, a detailed description of the events which will happen after the death of Zarathushtra up to the end of a specific time period are given. In this discussion, there are ample sign and descriptions of the various saviours who will come down on the earth to bring back the Zarathushtrian religion to its lost glory. Among those whose names are given is that of Shah Behram Varzavand.

In paragraphs 90 and 91 of the Yasht it is written (free translation): ‘A prince will be born, of the name Behram Varzavand (or victorious Varzavand), some will also call him Shahpur. There will be a sign in the sky – a star falls on that day, Mah Ava and Roj Govad’.

Of course this basic information was further expanded upon by our Master, Ustad Saheb Behramshah Nowroji Shroff when he first brought the message of the Abed Sahebs of Demavand to the Parsis that they should get ready to welcome the saviour in their midst.

I will not go into the detailed explanation of the birth of Shah Behram Varzavand, the year of birth and his expected date of appearance in the physical world in this blog. Today I only want my readers to be aware that today is a special day and there are many events happening in the unseen world which will affect our lives in a dramatic way in the next few years.

For now, it is our duty today to take the name of Shah Behram Varzavand in our Tandorasti prayer, and also to pray the Chithrem Buyat prayer where also his name and advent is mentioned. The Chithrem Buyat prayer should be made a part of our daily routine as far as possible.

May the advent of the Promised Saviour Shah Behram Varzavand occur at its destined time and may He resurrect our religion to its former glory!

Ervad Marzban J. Hathiram



  1. Farida Jehangir Gilder (D/O of Mr. Nariman R. Kotwal)  November 8, 2011

    The information given by Ervadsahebji is indeed good and would like to see n read it in detail.

  2. xyz  November 8, 2011

    can you please tell us readers when he is likely to come out in the open world. or what type of miracles are expected or any other information which is predicted in the religious scriptures. thanks.

  3. Delnavaz  November 8, 2011

    Dear Ervard Marzban,
    how should i recite Shah Behram Varzavand’s name in the Tarndarosti prayer ? Normally the name has a prefix – Ervard or Behdin. Should i say his full name i.e. Shah Behram Varzavand?

  4. Percy Madon  November 8, 2011

    Are you writing this because “2012” is nearing? Are you too a believer of the end of the world and that a “SAVIOUR” is destined to arrive to save the world? There are so many, many, prayers, one should pray daily as a part of daily routine. Why do all religious priests always say these words. I may have read many small books with various lectures, but these words “”””Pray these as a part of daily routine””””””” are almost repeated everytime. If the world is nearing destruction, and if the “SAVIOUR” is to take birth, then atleast we have 20 yrs as average, because the “SAVIOUR” has to take birth, grow, get knowledge, wander into loneliness, and all that stuff and then talk with the almighty and spread the wisdom. So if we add 5 more years to his graduation, we still have 25 years to live. You realy are a good priest…:)

  5. Ervad Marzban J. Hathiram  November 9, 2011

    “Shah Behram Varzavand ra”

  6. Saroosh Yazdani  November 9, 2011

    Is it possible that he will come in the year 2012?

  7. xyz  November 9, 2011

    according to mr. khojestee mistree, he has already taken birth and is now atleast 55 years old. he is staying at demavand koh and is likely to come out soon. we are all waiting anxiously for the saviour to come and save parsee community.

  8. Mahabanoo Murzban Dalal  November 9, 2011

    Ervard Saheb Marazbanji,
    in 1989, upon inquiring from our learned scholar Dame Dr. Meher Master Moos as to the whereabouts of Shah Beheram Varzavannd Saheb at the time, she said that “our Saviour is in Russia at the time, and He is throwing thoughts in Gorbachov’s mind.”
    Soon after that USSR broke down; could be the silent work of Nature as you say!!!
    Thank you.
    Kindly enlighten us more on this.

  9. Cyrus S. Saiwalla  November 10, 2011

    Dasturji Saheb,
    Our all Yests are intact & safe with our Demavand – Kore Sahebs. All important Yests like Behman Yest, etc. are withdrawn from this material world, inasmuch, people started mis-using the Stoats on their so called enemies, hence, this step was taken by them. Shah Varzavand Saheb is already born, he is 60+ and I was told that ‘lokhand na chana, chavaano vakht avshe’, before he appears as saviour of this world.

  10. Ervad Marzban J. Hathiram  November 10, 2011

    That the entire Avesta is in safe keeping at Demavand has been already described in the following post.

  11. Percy Madon  November 10, 2011

    Yes! I agree with Cyrus Saiwala. But I dont know if the Saviour has already arrived, and I dont know about the myth of Demavand Mountain. But, what can 1 mortal man do? The moment destruction starts, people are so nervous and aghast, that a Saviour is set aside and salvaging onse self becomes the priority. I can imagine myself in such a scene, crying out loud OH KHODAI! I am hurt please help me. And at this time, do I have to expect, that whoever comes to my rescue, regardless of it being a man or a woman, “IS” the appointed SAVIOUR? These stories help us gain confidence in GOD, and indicates that if we believe in GOD, and keep faith, we will be delivered. However, suffering will mount to double after salvation. Why would I want to live in a mess after the destruction? why should I call the SAVIOUR, when I already know, that LOKHAND NAA CHANA KHAVA PADSAY? ( eating iron grams). I would rather wish that while the world is on the path of destruction, I’d die in just a second without pain and suffering. So! those who want to suffer, may please go ahead and believe in a SAVIOUR, and suffer more.

  12. Delnavaz  November 10, 2011

    as per the knowledge given to us by Behramshah Shroff, Shah Behram Varzavand will reveal himself when the time is right. our religon does not say our world willend in 2012 , however,theworld on thewhole will experience various manmade& natural calamities. to some this may be a lot jargon. but to many,like myself, have implicit faith that he will behere. The Parsis need him & we wait for him. thanks

  13. Percy Madon  November 12, 2011

    @ Delnavaz

    Only Parsis? Madam, you have given me “FOOD FOR SELFISH THOUGHT” then.

    All the parsis are warned and cautioned therefore, to wear SUDREH, KUSTI & KOLAH, so as to be identified as Parsis first. Because, if Saviour Behram Varzavand is going to save “Parsis” only, then this is the only way a MAZDAYASNE, can be identified.

    May Ahura Mazda grant me unselfish wisdom…

  14. Neville Merchant  November 12, 2011

    If a Hindu King of Mewar is to rule India at the time of the advent of Shah Behram, when will this monarchy of India come about as many people in 1947 fought for a republic where there would be a democracy replacing the British Raj. Also, how will naturally occurring events across the world have an impact on our religion’s return to it’s glory days? Finally, if 2032 is the cut-off point for the Shah’s advent does that mean that he will come in that year because I have noticed myself on how our religion is transforming and truly believe that when it has fallen, it has the capability to revive itself.

    Thank you sir

  15. Merzush Mistry  November 12, 2011

    Dear Ervad Saheb,

    Can you please write a blog on the massage carried in the Chithrem Buyat Setayesh Prayer.

  16. Percy Madon  November 13, 2011


    The “END OF THE WORLD” doesnot necessarily mean that the EARTH will crack into 5 pieces and float in outer space like it is shown in those Star wars movies. It is much simpler than that.

    All those who will die in such calamities, it is the “END OF THE WORLD” for them. Death for anyone is the end of the world. And those who get saved by a particular DISASTER MANAGEMENT group or any good person, is/are BEHRAM VARZAVAND for the salvaged person. I see it this way..

  17. Merzi Hoshang Daruvala  November 14, 2011

    I suggest you pray whatever Ervad Marzban Saheb is advising each Zoroastrian to pray before it gets too late.
    Any sort of efforts in questioning or reasoning or discussing these matters are futile. These matters are beyond any human being’s power to reason. Just keep the faith!

  18. Saroosh Yazdani  November 15, 2011

    I think that 2012 will be the end of the world as we know it. It is not only the Zoroastrians, but many other cultures have predicted that 2012 and the time around it will be a turning point for the universe. Ample scholars have said that times of turmoil will star on December 21, 2012 and come to an end on March 21, 2013. Ironic? I think not. It is written in the Bundahishn that Zarathushtra planted 3 seeds in the Lake Chaichasta. the 3 seeds represent the 3 sustainers of the universe after him. The fist was Adarbad Marespand, the last Soshyos, and in the middle comes Shah Behram Varzavand. this time around saviors of all the 5 Jirams will came and salvage those of their fold and take them back to specified motherlands. Nature will be restored, and people will be taught how to live in a eco-friendly and religious way of life. Their will be a golden age of religion on earth. Marazban you must know that there will be a world war 3 &4 and in the end on the forth one Shah Behram will interrupt all electromagnetic frequencies, making modern technology impossible to use. The best thing we can do is pray and use the Law of Attraction the bring Shah Varzavand quickly.
    Do correct me if I am wrong.

  19. neville  November 19, 2011

    Respected Ervad Saheb Marzbanji,

    I sincerely appreciate the wonderful and selfless work which you are doing to enlighten our community on the esoteric aspects of our Deen.

    After the advent of His Holiness Shah Behram Varzavand Saheb, the Golden Years will commence and we Zoroastrians shall earn our true freedom and bliss by being able to practice the Zarthoshti Deen in its pristine form. We will then no longer be called Baste Kustian Darvands.

    May this day come soon.

  20. Delnavaz  November 21, 2011

    Hi Saroosh,
    I really liked your post. There are many who say the world will end in 2012, but from what little i understand of our scriptures, is that the world as we know it will either end in 2012 or that process will gain momentum.

  21. Percy Madon  November 21, 2011

    I realy like how people place their versions of ” THE END OF THE WORLD”. All who write about it start with “I THINK” and then project some story about it (please dont take it personaly). What is the world all about then?

    Its not the world which is going to end, its the “LIFE” on earth which is going to “END”. And its just for a while. Then again everything will start once again. If you will observe the reality, everyday earth is working on cleansing process. The core is continuously burning the earth from below and the volcanoes will ooze out the molten lava, which will again become clean earth. Its a non stop cycle. Thats how the earthquakes occur. Thats why volcanoes become active. Similarly, each day someone dies somewhere. Each day it is the end of the world for someone. GOD has made earth indestructible. It will clean itself Naturaly and restore all its resources. Same way a spirit also come back for a new experience for a new begining. Take for instance the words of Nastro…about twin towers…

  22. Vispi  February 13, 2012

    Dear Hamdins
    Let’s not play ‘astrologers’. We cannot predict what’s going to happen next moment; and trying to predict our fate in dec 2012, is nothing more than speculation. The best we can do is to have faith in Ahura Mazda, follow our time proven scriptures and listen to our learned priests. What ever may happen in the physical world, it is surely going to raise the spiritual level of the entire creation; which, in any case is the ultimate goal of creation. It is to guide the humanity through this process of evolution that all religions have predicted the birth of divine messengers, in their respective religious texts. Just as Shah Behram Varzavand has been mentioned in ours. Whether there will be only one divine messenger for all religions, or seperate for all religions, let us leave it to Ahura Mazda to decide.

  23. Saroosh Yazdani  February 15, 2012

    My Dear Deelnavaz
    Thank you so much for reading my comment and paying heed to it. May God fill your life with happiness, abundance, and love. You have fulfilled the task many great souls have by listening more and talking less– remember God has give you two eyes, two ears, and only one mouth.

  24. xyz  February 23, 2012

    Refering to parsee times article of last saturday of Mr. Dinshaw mehta bringing unwanted elements to bpp office and other trustees deciding to close bpp office early to secure their safety. I sincerely feel shah behram varzavand should come out fast and save the parsee community. Let us all pray together for his early arrival.

  25. kersasp nalladaru  June 12, 2012

    Dear Sir,
    Where can I find the Chitrem Buyat prayer in the Khordeh Avesta?

  26. Ervad Marzban J. Hathiram  June 12, 2012

    @Kersasp: in the tamam KA, you will find it before the 30 Roj Setayash. In the KA brought out by our society, it is placed after the Siroza Yasht.

  27. Aspy  December 1, 2012

    Ervad Marzban saheb

    The KA brought out by your society-as mentioned by you above- is it in English ?

    If so, where can i get a copy of the same?


  28. perVyyn kaVarana  December 22, 2012

    I keenly await the appearance of Shah Behram Varjavand and recite HIS name in the Tan Dorosti prayer ….

    “…. hamey anjuman ra … shah varjavand ra, dastur peshotan ra, paigambar zarthushtra ra, kyani kaikhushrow ra, paigambar hoshedar ra, hoshedar mah ra, hoshedar bami ra, soshyos ra … behdin ( your names with the prefix of either ervad or osta or osti or behdin …)

    As per what is mentioned in this very informative and interesting article, can we expect Shah Behram Varjavand to make an appearance on April 6, 2013 ???
    on Mah Ava, Roj Govad ???? I believe that Govad Roj is also associated with Homaji … Finally very few days are left before we can see our beloved Varjavand Saheb 🙂 🙂

  29. perVyyn rOhyintOn kaVarana  January 9, 2013

    C H I T H R E M B U Y A T

    Khshnaothra Ahurahe Mazdao — Ashem Vohu (1)
    Chithrem buyaat ahmi nmaane!
    Pithwem buyaat ahmi namaane!
    Tokhma pithwem buyaat ahmi nmaane!
    Paedaai baad andarin in maan-i vehaan
    Ke hamishe pih va aabaadaan baad!
    Pa rasashne baad, pa yazdaan haadar-i vehaan!
    Mehmaan-i dustaan andarash baad!
    Fravashayo khshnutaao ayantu ahmya nmaane!
    Khshnutaao vicharentu ahmya nmaane!
    Khshnutaao aafrinentu ahmya nmaane!
    vanguhim ashim khaaparaam!
    Khshnutaao paarayantu hacha ahmaat nmaanaat!
    Staomaacha raazarecha barentu dathusho ahurahe
    Mazdaao Ameshanaam Spentanaam! Maa chim
    Gerezaanaao paarayantu hacha ahmaat nmaanaat
    Ahmaakemcha mazdayasnanaam!
    Ba khshnudi aayand va ravand andar in maan!
    Ba khshnudi aafrin kunand andar in maan!
    Ba khshnudi fraz be-ravand az in maan!
    Yazashne va stayashne ashaai kaar-i-kerfe
    Barand az in maan oy daadaar Ohrmazd va Ameshaaspandaan!
    Ma pa chihaz garzashne be-ravand az in maan hamaak maazdayasnim!
    Shuma ke myazd – homandaan ait yak-yak
    Tan-tan jud-jud ke pa din yazashne va
    Darun va aafringaan avaa hamaa ham-kerfe bed est,
    Har ke raa zan va frazand hast
    Der-zivaad, der-pataae maahmaan baad!
    Har ke raa nist, yazdaan barhenaad osh
    Dehaad, taa sad-o panjaah saalaan pas az
    Sad-o panjah saalaan patvand-i saoshyos
    Firozgar patvandyaad!
    Shumaa vehaan ke hamishe andar shaadi
    Va bazm bed, o-taan vars avar sar, o-taan
    Mae va jam ba dast, o-taan sparm andar
    Baazu, o-taan khuniyaa ba gush, o-taan
    Dustaan shaad pa ham neshast!
    Shumaa vehaan pa kaam-i khish raamashne
    Pataayashne viraayashne baad, ke har-che
    Jud-tar shaayad bed, taa berasaad aan i madan marddan-i daad-aaraastaar,
    Gehaan-viraastaar ashaai-varzidaar mard, – hushidar – Zarthushtaan,
    Va pashutan-vishtaaspaan,
    Va vehraam-i-amaavand oy paedaa-i din
    Yazashne va stayashne ashaai kaar-i- kerfe
    Aayand va rasand; daad-i din-i veh avaa aan-i Ohrmazd-din patvandaan;
    Hu-din hu-farmaan andar iraan gehaan ravaa kunaad;
    Jud-din jud-farmaan andar iraan gehaan ba-avsahinaad!
    Din-bordaaran i shaan az din nek rasaad,
    Taa aan i madan mardaan-i daad – aaraastaar,
    Gehaan-viraastaar, ashaai-varzidaar mard – hushidar-Zarthushtaan,
    Va pashutan-vishtaaspaan, va vehraam-amaavand
    Din-farrokh paadshaah-I-zamaan-i avaa,
    Avar hamaa vehaan veh-dinaan baste-kustiyaan-i-haft keshvar zamin,
    Hu-chashma hu-negridaar kunaad!
    Vehaan avar dast oy daashtaar va parvartaar band!
    Vattaraan avar dast oy zadaar avsahinidaar band,
    Taa vehaan oy kaam rasand!
    Har-che dahmaan vehaan aafrin paedaa-i yazad,
    Yaki raa deh, deh raa sad,
    Sad raa hazaar, hazaar taa baevaraan
    Baevare jud rasaad! Der-pataae maahmaan baad!
    Aan-i yazdaan oy yazdaan rasaad!
    Aan-i vehaan oy vehaan rasaad!
    Har chizi aedun baad! Aedun taraz baad!
    Ham-chunin ke Ohrmazd va Ameshaaspandaan kaame baad! Ashem Vohu (1)


  30. Farzaan  December 5, 2013

    When will Shah Behram Varzavand come??? Many prophecies regarding the ‘END OF THE WORLD’ have just fizzled out. Why so??? I have read that so and so events will take place, but they are just not occuring. *sighs* 🙁 🙁 🙁

  31. Ervad Marzban J. Hathiram  December 5, 2013

    He will come! But before HE comes, there will be a great test of our faith! Have faith and have patience! The prophecies of Ustad Saheb have never gone wrong. We have to read them holistically and not piece meal. The correct astrological period for His advent is between 2002 and 2032. We are now about midway.

    Let Parsis first DESERVE the advent of SBV! How many of them are bothered, or even know his name? When the community recites Chithrem Buyat all together, He will come! And the time will soon come when the community (or what is left of it) will have no option but to recite Chithrem Buyat.

    I will give more details about this in the ongoing series ‘Migration of Parsis to India’.