Prayer Action Thought
Khshnaothra Ahurahe Mazdao Ashem Vohu 1 Wash the hands, face and other exposed parts with water and dry them May this water wash away all physical impurities and prepare my body and soul for this important spiritual exercise
  Stand in a place where no person can pass in front of you  
Khshnaothra Ahurahe Mazdao Ashem Vohu 1   I begin my performance of the Kusti so that evil is destroyed and goodness is increased, thereby making Ahura Mazda happy.
Kem na Mazda … didareshta aenanghe   When the passions within me arise and tempt me to do evil, who else, but You, O Mazda will help me, will save me?
Anyem thwahmat …daenayai fravaocha   Reveal to me, O Ahura, the wondrous true knowledge of the religion, which will purify my mind and activate the hidden Atash in me!
Ke verethrem-ja thwa … vashi kahmaichit   Provide for me, O Lord, an able Guide, who shall deliver me from this world to the other and from there to salvation, through Sarosh and Bahman, and your powerful Avesta Manthras.
Pata-no tbishyantat pairi Mazdaoscha Armaitishcha spentascha Point both your hands towards the ground O most beautiful Armaiti! Make me taste the true knowledge of Mazda! Protect my body, my mind and my soul from all attacks of the wicked ones!
Nase daevi druksh … apakhedre apa nasyehe Point your face towards the north All the filth, spiritual evil and seeds of evil which may have gathered in my aura from the time of my last Kusti, may they all be driven away from myself to the north!
Ma merenchainish gaethao astvaitish ashahe   So that the 16 Chakhras (Spiritual Centres) in my invisible body may function perfectly and hasten my spiritual progress.
Nemascha ya Armaitish izacha Place the index finger of the right hand on the navel and bow down to the earth using the left hand Homage to you, O Spenta Armaiti, Mother of the Earth! Our Protector! May I imbibe your qualities of obedience, bearing the load of others and humility.
Ashem Vohu 1   May the cool blue Staot vibrations of the Ashem pass through my entire body and grant me spiritual prosperity!
  Untie the Kusti, double up and loop the Kusti in the left hand index finger (not the thumb)  
Hormuzd, Khuda   O Lord of the Universe! My personal Khuda! May I always be engrossed in your thoughts!
Ahiriman avadashan … zad shikaste bad. Gently shake the Kusti three times in the North May the entire army of the evil Ahriman be defeated! May all the clouds of evil gathered by him and his helpers, all types of evil persons be defeated.
Dush padshahan avadashan bad…dushamanan avadashan bad Gently shake the Kusti three times in the North May the rule of all evil be gone forever! May the evil thinkers be destroyed! May the effect of the evil ones be dissolved
Hormazd, Khuda   O Lord of the Universe! My personal Khuda! May I always be immersed in your thoughts!
Az hama gunah patet … bud ested, az an gunah While reciting dushmata, duzhukhta, duzhvarshta, gently shake the Kusti three times in the North For all my evil thoughts, words and deeds which I may have committed, I offer humble Patet – I repent for the sins and with fully active thought, word and deed I promise not to commit them again.
Manashni gavashni kunashni Make two loops on either side of the Kusti, first on the right, then the left May I pass from this world and into the next world and enter the eternal word of happiness!
Tani ravani geti … pa patet hom   All my sins relating to my body, this earth, the other world, for all my sins I offer humble Patet, so that I may pass from this world and progress through the next world to enter into the world of eternal happiness
Khshnaothra Ahurahe Mazdao   O Ahura! May I please You with the practice of Holiness and Truth!
Taroidite angrahe mainyeush Gently shake the Kusti three times in the North (without opening the loops) May I be forever away from all evil and see through its fake temptations!
Haithyavarshtam hyat vasna ferashotemem Tie the Kusti around the waist and bring it back to the front May I pass my entire life in the pursuit of righteousness and hoping for the protection of the Abed Sahebs!
Staomi Ashem, Ashem Vohu 1   Through this Kusti on my waist may I catch the sky blue, spiritual prosperity giving Staot vibrations of the Ashem Vohu!
Yatha Ahu Vairyo 1 Tie the first knot in the front with the right hand You, O Dadar Ahura Mazda, are the Only Truth
Yatha Ahu Vairyo 1 Tie the second knot in the front with the left hand Prophet Zarathushtra is Your True Messenger! May we always bear Him in our hearts!
Ashem Vohu 1 Tie the two knots at the back, first with the right hand and then with the left May I always follow the commandments of the religion as revealed by our Prophet Zarathushtra! May I always be able to honour my promise to Him!
Jasa me avangahe Mazda! (3 times) Take the index fingers of both hands and place them within the two front knots of the Kusti and place your eyes on them O Mazda! May my thoughts words and deeds be such that I am always immersed in your thoughts!
Mazdayasno ahmi mazdayasno Zarathushtrish fravarane astutascha fravaretascha   I am a Mazdayasni, a follower of the truth as delivered by Prophet Zarathushtra! I declare myself as a follower of that Noble Path, which will take me from this world to the other, and from there to the World of Eternal Happiness!
Astuye humatem mano…hvarshtem shyaothnem   May my thoughts, words and deeds always be in consonance with the laws of the Zoroastrian religion.
Astuye daenam vanghuhim … khaetwadatham Ashaonim   I dedicate my life to this religion, which forever ends the battle of the mind, which breaks the shackles of this physical body, and which will finally unite me with my whole Ruvan and the Lord.
Ya haitinamcha … ya ahuirish Zarathushtrish   Of all roads that lead to God, my religion is the greatest, the most majestic, the most beautiful. I offer my life for my religion.
Ahurai Mazdai vispa … astutish. Ashem Vohu 1   With this Ashem Vohu, I offer thousands and thousands of salaams to my religion and its Prophet Zarathushtra! May all the blessings and benedictions of Ahura Mazda enter into my body and my soul and remain there forever!
  Release the index fingers from the front knots.  

Ervad Marzban J. Hathiram