A tribute to Adi F. Doctor

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Roj Rashne Mah Ardibehesht, 1384 Yz.

It is my solemn duty to write a few words in memory of my senior colleague and profound Ilm-e-Khshnoom scholar Adi F. Doctor who passed away on Saturday, 27th September 2014 after nearly a year of illness.

Adi bhai or Adi uncle, as we used to fondly call him, was a living example of the saying ‘appearances can be deceptive.’ A short, thin man with a slightly unkempt appearance, hardly someone who would be noticed twice. ...

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Remembering Dr. Framroze on his 52nd Baj

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Roj Khorshed Mah Spendarmad, 1383 Yz.

Kadmi Khordad Sal

Today, Kadmi Khordad Sal is also the 52nd death anniversary of Dr. Saheb Framroze Sorabji Chiniwalla. A few years ago, I had written a series of articles on the amazing life of Dr. Saheb.

Today we, his students, remembered him with prayers, ceremonies, readings and great longing, I wish to share with readers of Frashogard a beautiful poem, in Persian, written by late Ervad Dosabhai Desai, the ...

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A Wondrous Life second edition released

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Roj Jamyad Mah Bahman, 1382 Yz.

The earlier post reported on the functions to mark the 86th death anniversary of Ustad Saheb Behramshah Nowroji Shroff. A passing reference had been made there regarding the release of the second edition of the book, a Wondrous Life: The True Story of the Master, Ustad Saheb Behramshah Nowroji Shroff.

The first edition of the book was printed to coincide with the ...

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Report on the 86th Baj of Ustad Saheb Behramshah N. Shroff

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Roj Ashtad Mah Bahman, 1382 Yz. 9th July 2013.

The 86th Baj of Ustad Saheb Behramshah Nowroji Shroff was observed with customary solemnity. The day’s events started at 6 am with a Machi being offered to the Padshah Saheb of the Ustad Saheb Behramshah Nowroji Shroff Daremeher at Jogeshwari by the Trustees of the Zoroastrian Radih Society. Thereafter, Afringan, Farokshi, 3 Stums and 2 Bajs were performed in memory of Ustad Saheb at 7:30 am. Right from the early morning Machi ...

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Sarosh Yazad Panah Baad! – How Divine Help saved a devout Parsi family – part 1

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Roj Amardad Mah Adar, 1382 Yz.

It was a quiet evening, of an yet un-eventful day, the 23rd of July, 1922. Those were the days when Mumbai was still a cluster of the main city and the distant suburbs made up of small villages. In the hamlet of Marol, situated in the suburb of Andheri, Putlibai and her husband Ardeshir Merwanji Bharucha, along with their children, and Ardeshir’s brother, Darabsha, had just finished their dinner. They settled down in their sprawling ...

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Remembering Nariman papa – part 5

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Roj Mahrespand Mah Ardibehesht, 1382 Yz.

My annual summer and winter vacations continued with Nariman papa through those years. After my Navar, papa was insistent that I should also go through the Maratab ceremony. After some persuasion, I went through the Maratab in 1985. Meanwhile, papa’s age finally began catching up with him. All those years of hard work and endless cycling between Valsad and Tithal took their toll on him. He began getting increasingly out of breath while cycling up ...

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A unique cookbook, a double tragedy and some deep devotion

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Roj Dae-pa-Adar Mah Ardibehesht, 1382 Yz.

It gives me great pleasure to put up two new books on the Ilm-e-Khshnoom SkyDrive today. Vividh Vani, part 1 and part 2, by Meherbai Jamshedji Wadia has been a classic reference book for thousands of Parsi ladies over one hundred years.

First published at the turn of the 20th century, this mammoth book of two parts totaling 1500 pages carries over 2000 recipes, ...

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