2 new video recordings added

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Roj Avan Mah Avan, 1383 Yz.

We had posted the audio recordings of 2 lectures:

1. The Secret Treasure of Manthra, Nirangs & Isams in our Religion [https://www.frashogard.com/the-secret-treasure-of-manthras-nirangs-isams-in-our-religion] and

2. The Power of the 101 Names of God [https://www.frashogard.com/the-101-names-of-god]

a few days ago, along with their brief timeline notes.

We are now pleased to present the video recordings of both these talks on the Frashogard You Tube channel, the links of which are given below:

1. Manthra, Nirangs and Isams: Total video time 1 Hour 33 minutes Watch Video

2. The 101 Names of God: Total video time 1 Hour 17 minutes. Watch Video

In this manner, readers of Frashogard who are not resident in Mumbai can still take advantage of these recordings and listen to the talks.

Ervad Marzban J. Hathiram