The Life of Asho Zarathushtra – a lecture recording

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Roj Marespand Mah Amardad,

A grand exhibition on the Shah Nameh was held by our close friends and colleagues Silloo Mehta and Malcolm Bhesania of the Mazdayasnie Connection, California, in Mumbai during the same time as the talk-talk WZ Congress.

The exhibition was painstakingly curated and created by Silloo and Malcolm as a labour of love. Various models, exhibits, printouts and scenes depicting some of the most memorable parts of the Shah Nameh, along with a detailed historical review was presented to the many hundreds of Parsis who attended the four day exhibition at Alexandra Girls School at Fountain.

As part of the exhibition various talks were also given by speakers, both from India as well as an expert Shah Nameh reciter specially flown in from Iran.

I was also invited to give a talk on Sunday, 29th December in the morning. The topic selected was: Prophet Asho Zarathushtra – in the Shah Nameh and in the Avesta.

I present here a link to the You Tube video of the whole lecture. The total talk time is 1 hour and 37 minutes.

The following points were covered in the lecture:

  • Who are Prophets
  • What is their stature, are they normal humans?
  • An overview of the Prophets of different faiths
  • What do Parsis know about their Prophet?
  • Is the view of Parsis regarding their Prophet the same as the view held by members of other religions?
  • The common perception of Zarathushtra
  • The Scholarly perception of Zarathushtra
  • The confusion of views, dates, myths, facts, figures regarding Zarathushtra
  • The Avesta view of Zarathushtra
  • Zarathushtra in the Gathas
  • Zarathushtra in the remaining Avesta
  • Zarathushtra in the Dinkard
  • Zarathushtra in the Shah Nameh
  • Zarathushtra as revealed by Ustad Saheb Behramshah
  • How can we discover our Prophet for ourselves?
  • How can we connect with Zarathushtra

Readers of Frashogard may click the link given below to either stream the video from You Tube or download for later listening.

I am very thankful to our friend Mr. Pervez Tavaria who attended each and every session of the exhibition and videographed the entire proceedings, and for allowing me to use his video to share with readers of Frashogard.


You Tube link:

Ervad Marzban J. Hathiram



  1. Agreras  January 13, 2014

    I cannot open the youtube link of The life of Asho Zarthost a lecture recording.Pl. inform.

  2. P.D. Magol  January 13, 2014

    Interesting viewpoint.

    However, depending on Dinkard & Shahnameh to understand our religion is not what i would advice.
    Both the texts can mislead!

    Mobed Hathiram’s suggestion to practice our religion appears vacuous, when we realize that the theory behind the practice is not uniform & for that we need the support of Western Universities & their Phiological expertise & also the available Archeological material. The contribution of the West, cannot be written off in one sweeping statement! It would be unkind & unfair both!

    We don’t even know which method of doing the Kusti is correct, so how do we proceed?