Is the worship of Paria Mai and other Sprites & Fairies allowed in Zoroastrianism? – part 1

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Roj Jamyad Mah Fravardin, 1384 Yz.

The internet is a wonderful thing in the sense that sharing of information about almost any subject has become instantaneous and easy. But the flip side of this ease of access is that almost any information is passed around and believed as reality. Due to the inherent nature of man, conspiracy theories, alleged cures for many chronic and deadly diseases, miracle workers and their wondrous acts, and of course anything relating to religion – all ...

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More and Less for 1384 Yz

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Roj Hormuz Mah Fravardin, 1384 Yz.

A very happy, prosperous and spiritually resplendent 1384 to all readers of Frashogard!

As we step into 1384 Yezdezardi, it’s an apt time to once again take stock of our lives, draw up the spiritual balance sheet and plan for the year ahead. What kind of guidance can we draw from our religion and its teachings? How should we spend the coming year as true Zoroastrians?

Zoroastrianism always talks of the fight between good and evil. This ...

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How to take the name of a deceased in any prayer

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Roj Behram Mah Spendarmad, 1383 Yz.

Several readers of Frashogard have asked the question as to how should the name of a deceased person be taken while doing any prayer for them. Certain prayers, like the Stum no Kardo or the Patet Ruvan ni, have specific places where the name of the deceased is recited. But the question arises in other normal prayers which one may wish to recite in the memory of our deceased persons.

For example, many readers of Frashogard ...

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Remembering Dr. Framroze on his 52nd Baj

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Roj Khorshed Mah Spendarmad, 1383 Yz.

Kadmi Khordad Sal

Today, Kadmi Khordad Sal is also the 52nd death anniversary of Dr. Saheb Framroze Sorabji Chiniwalla. A few years ago, I had written a series of articles on the amazing life of Dr. Saheb.

Today we, his students, remembered him with prayers, ceremonies, readings and great longing, I wish to share with readers of Frashogard a beautiful poem, ...

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Protected: 87th Baj of Ustad Saheb and release of the Khshnoom Digital Library

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Roj Asman Mah Bahman, 1383 Yz.

Monday, 7th July 2014 marked the 87th Baj of Ustad Saheb Behramshah Nowroji Shroff. The day’s observances started with a Machi in memory of the Master at the Daremeher named after him at Behram Baug, Jogeshwari by the trustees of the Zoroastrian Radih Society.


Thereafter, Afringan, Farokshi, Stum ...

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Rostam Nameh 13c: Rostam and Tahmina

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Roj Rashne Mah Bahman, 1383 Yz.

As the soldiers hunted for Raksh, Rostam was plied with wine and the best of dishes by a bevy of beauties from the King’s court. Having had the fine wine and food and tired by the day’s exertions, Rostam soon drifted off to sleep in his guest quarters.

Now it so happened that the King of Samangan had a most beautiful daughter by the name of Tahmina. Tahmina’s beauty was not just physical but she was ...

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Rostam Nameh 13b: Rostam loses Raksh

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Roj Ava Mah Bahman, 1383 Yz.

Ze Mubed baraangunah bardaasht yaad

Ke Rostam baraaraast az baamdaad

Ghami bud delash saze nakchir kard

Kamar basto tarkash puraz tir kard!

He remembered the saying of an old Mobed:

That one dawn Rostam awoke

He did not feel very good, so decided to go hunting

He tightened his waist and filled the quiver with arrows 


With these lines of foreboding, Firdausi begins the episode of Rostam and Sohrab. Readers of Frashogard, there are many times we ...

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Rostam and Sohrab part 1:Rostam Nameh 13a

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Roj Bahman Mah Bahman/Revaji Baj of Ustad Saheb Behramshah N. Shroff


Kunum razme Sohrabo Rostam shanavDegarha shanidasti in ham shanav.

Yaki dastanast pur abe chashm

Dele nazuk az Rostam aayad bakhashm

Now listen about the battle of Sohrab and Rostam, you may have heard other accounts, but now listen to this one.This story is most sorrowful and hearing it, your tender heart will bear enmity towards Rostam. 

With these words of warning, Firdausi begins the chapter of the battle between Sohrab and Rostam, ...

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Rostam Nameh 12b: Kai Kaus builds 7 palaces and tries to fly in space

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Roj Ram Mah Adar, 1383 Yz.

Beyaamad sue Pars Kaus-e KaiJahaani bashaadi nav afgand pay! Kai Kaus returned to Pars and laid the foundation of happiness and justice.  


The victorious sovereign returned to his capital and began the most illustrious part of his reign. Peace, prosperity and justice ruled. The noble warriors were dispersed to various parts of the empire to ensure peace and stability. The Padshah lavished costly gifts and rare honours upon Rostam for the role he had ...

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Rostam Nameh 12a: Kai Kaus in Hamavaran

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Roj Gosh Mah Adar, 1383 Yz.


Kazaan pas chunaan kard Kaus ray; Ke dar Padshahi be-jumbai ze jay! 

Az Iran beshud taa ba-Turaan-o Chin; Guzar kard azaan pas ba Makraan zamin! 

Ze Makran shud aaraastah taa Zareh; Meyaanhaa nadeedand bando gereh!

Paziroft har mehtari baazo saav; Nakard aazmun gaav baa shir taav!

Then Kai Kaus thought that he should tour the regions of his Kingdom.

From Iran he went to Turan and China and from there to Makran (Baluchistan).

From Makran to Zareh he went, in full splendour ...

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