Basics of Zoroastrianism

The Art of Happiness

Gatha Ushtavad, 1386 The pursuit of happiness in a never-ending nightmare. We all want to be happy, or in other...

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A true Zoroastrian Thanksgiving

Roj Mohor Mah Tir, 1386 Yz. As our Parsi brothers and sisters in America join many millions of their countrymen...

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Can we attend such ‘Navjotes’?

Roj Jamyad Mah Ardibehesht, 1386 Yz: Baj of Seth Jehangirji S. Chiniwalla The season for weddings and Navjotes w...

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‘How to’ articles

The importance of wells and well water in Zoroastrianism

Roj Jamyad Mah Khordad, 1387 Yz. The presence of clean, free-flowing water is an essential requirement in all ou...

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Some thoughts on Bahman Mah

Roj Ram Mah Bahman, 1386 Yz I was just about to go to sleep the other day when a Whatsapp message from a friend...

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Our greatest inheritance

Roj Khorshed Mah Khordad, 1386 Yz. It’s a tough world and many of us face a tough life. At such times, the fee...

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Zoroastrian Miracles

Sarosh Yazad Panah Baad! – How Divine Help saved a devout Parsi family – part 2

Roj Govad Mah Adar, 1382 Yz. Hardly had the thought crossed his mind, when Ardeshir’s brother Seth Darabsh...

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Sarosh Yazad Panah Baad! – How Divine Help saved a devout Parsi family – part 1

Roj Amardad Mah Adar, 1382 Yz. It was a quiet evening, of an yet un-eventful day, the 23rd of July, 1922. Those...

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The Mahatma and his miracle – part 9

Roj Sarosh Mah Ava, 1381 Yz. As we sat dumb founded in our seats in the maidan that morning, we realized that be...

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