May every day be Navroze

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Roj Spendarmad Mah Ava 1386 Yz.

Jamshedi Navroze is an auspicious day, not only for Parsis, but also for the entire Creation. A great cosmic event unfolds as the sun enters the sign of Aries and begins its perambulation of the Zodiac. How does this cosmic event affect us and what is the importance of the Navroze day? Why is it called Jamshedi Navroze?

The universe abounds with the blessings of the Lord Ahura Mazda. These blessings, called Asere Roshni, are essential ...

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Who are we Parsis?

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Gatha Vahishtoist, 1385 Yz.


Tomorrow we mark the beginning of 1386 Yz, or the 1386th year since the last Zoroastrian King of Iran, Yazdegerd Shahryar ascended the throne. In that long period of time, the world has changed a lot. Empires have risen and fallen, countries have arisen and been destroyed, millions of people have lost their lives – all claiming to fight for God and His religion.

Zoroastrianism has reduced from being the state religion followed by nearly 30 million souls ...

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More and Less for 1384 Yz

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Roj Hormuz Mah Fravardin, 1384 Yz.

A very happy, prosperous and spiritually resplendent 1384 to all readers of Frashogard!

As we step into 1384 Yezdezardi, it’s an apt time to once again take stock of our lives, draw up the spiritual balance sheet and plan for the year ahead. What kind of guidance can we draw from our religion and its teachings? How should we spend the coming year as true Zoroastrians?

Zoroastrianism always talks of the fight between good and evil. This ...

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