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1. I have tried it when I was in hospital recently and it is easy to do so. You do not require any additional help. Even if you are abroad, I am sure there will be a Parsi relative with you. If not then avoid.

2. It does not matter. The Sudreh should be wrapped and the Kusti wrapped around it. There is no particular method.

3. That is not correct. Even on the last journey, the head rest is made from an old Sudreh.

4. 5 Yatha 3 Ashem

5. This will be covered in subsequent posts

6. No. They need to be washed twice and then can be used.

7. Read the second part of this post to understand the difference between a Zoroastrian pure environment and the medically pure environment.

By: Sam Billimoria Mon, 22 Oct 2012 13:43:07 +0000 Thanks for bringing this to our attention however many questions do arise from some practicality stand point.

1.Wrapping sudrah kusti around the arm: I have not tried it but for that to be done properly , it would require additional help .The nurse who is going to tie it up would be a non-Zoroastrian (exception could only be in Mumbai where you may have relatives to help.) You never know what biological condition she would be in.

2. what then would be the right way.? How is the kusti to be tied around wrapped Sudreh .
Where should the Girebaan be . what part of the Sudreh closest to the skin.

3.I was under the impression that the sudreh or kusti should never be under your head as it creates a disorder ,but in this case it may be the best solution.

4. alternate to kusti if you go to the toilet in a public place / geh change. -in flight -travelling -I forgot the Yathas/ashem combinations .

5. clearly there is a need for Nahan after post surgery return.

6. do you discard the sudreh kusti used in Hospital

7. I know of a couple of staunch traditionals who do not go to the hospital (I think you know one of them.) I always wanted to know the complete reason.